Cleaning of the gutters is very important because they are responsible for leading water away from the house’s foundation. Mostly, if you are a Calgary resident, you know that Calgary gutter cleaning takes place twice a year. This is because the seasons in this region constantly changes. In addition to that, the wind and the regular constructions that goes on throughout the year also play a part in this. The factors cause small branches, leaves from the surrounding trees, small stones and various other debris to find their way into the gutters and cause blockages.

Why is gutter cleaning important?

Calgary gutter cleaning is important as it prevents blockages and leakages from happening. If these happen, the damages can be fatal. For instance, if a gutter is leaking and is not immediately attended to, it will destroy the foundation of the house. Moreover, this can cause a rise in your water bills. When water does not flow the way should, you can never tell the depth of the damage that it might cause.

What are the costs of cleaning gutter in Calgary?

Various gutter-cleaning companies in Calgary offer these services at different prices. However, we can provide you with an approximate cost to enable you plan your finances better in case you are looking to hire one of these companies soon.

What affects the costs of gutter cleaning in Calgary?

Different homes have different gutter systems. The costs of cleaning them will therefore depend on the following factors:

  • the gutter system of your house

Some houses have more gutters than others do. This depends on their sizes. The more the gutters the more it will cost you. For example, if you have gutters in all the sides of your house, the cost will be more than when you have them in only two sides of your house.

  • the slant of your roof

The cost of the cleaning the gutters of your house will also depend on how your roof slants. For instance, it will cost you more if your roof has a steep slant. This is because the crew cleaning the gutter will have to move around using ladders. This is time consuming and draws more effort.

Generally, gutter cleaning costs ranges from $70-$200 depending on the size and slant of you house.


Gutter cleaning in Calgary is an important procedure carried out semiannually due to the constant change of seasons. Gutter cleaning is important as it prevents blockages and leakages that may be dangerous. Hiring a good cleaning company is therefore necessary.